Soovitame siin lehel kultuuriakadeemias õpetatavatele erialadele sobivaid teadus- ja erialaajakirju. Ajakirjade täistekstid on kättesaadavad kas TÜ võrgus (logi sisse konkreetsesse andmebaasi või kasuta koduarvutis ülikooli VPN-i) või on ajakiri avatud juurdepääsuga (tähis OA). Ajakirja pealkirja järel on link TÜ raamatukogu andmebaaside nimekirja, kust saate valida vajaliku andmebaasi ja siis sisse logida. 
OA tähisega ajakirjade pealkirjadel klõpsates saate kohe ajakirja kodulehele. Lisatud on ka ajakirjade sisu lühitutvustused. Paljud ajakirjad on multidistsiplinaarsed, kajastades näiteks nii tantsu, teatrit kui muusikat, seega tasub üle vaadata erinevad alajaotused nimestikus.


  1. Dance Education in Practice - (Taylor & Francis online)
  2. Dance Research Journal - (Cambridge University Press e-ajakirjad)
  3. Journal of Dance Education : Official Publication of the National Dance Education Organization - (Taylor & Francis online)
  4. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science - (Ingenta Connect)
  5. Research in dance education - (Taylor & Francis online)
  6. Dance Magazine - (EBSCO academic search complete)
  7. Nordic Journal of Dance OA
  8. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training ( TDPT) (Taylor & Francis onlinepeer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for practitioners, academics, creative artists and pedagogues to articulate research into performance training in all its diversity
  9. Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research that explores the role of the body in its relationship with the mind in psychotherapy
  10. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes critical scholarship and creative pedagogies on media technologies and performance for theatre, dance, music, live art, or computer science
  11. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD) (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research on physical education, recreation and dance, including teaching methods, youth sports, fitness, leisure and movement sciences
  12. Teaching Artist Journal (Taylor & Francis onlineTeaching Artist Journal is devoted to the practice and thought of teaching artists and all those working at the intersections of arts and learning.


  1. Journal of Theatrical Combatives OA
  2. Live Design OA
  3. Theatre & Performance Design - (Taylor & Francis onlineinternational peer-reviewed journal of scenography
  4. Baltic Screen Media ReviewOA (focuses on all forms of audiovisual culture emerging from the region and approaches these from a fiercely interdisciplinary angle – incorporating conceptual and methodological insights deriving from film and media studies, new media studies, culture studies, media innovation and management studies, political economy of media and cultural industries, media policy studies, etc.)
  5. Amfiteater, Journal of Performing Arts Theory. OA scientific journal that publishes original articles on performing arts with a broad spectrum from dramatic theatre, drama, dance, performance, and hybrid art forms
  6. Lighting and Sound International. OA
  7. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (Taylor & Francis online)
  8. PAJ : a Journal of Performance and Art. (TÜ võrgus) explores innovative work in theatre, performance art, dance, video, writing, technology, sound, and music, bringing together all live arts in thoughtful cultural dialogue)
  9. Stanislavski Studies : Practice, Legacy, and Contemporary Theater (Taylor & Francis online)
  10. Contemporary Theatre Review (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on theatre and performance, including mainstream theatre, drama, performance histories, live and performance art, dance theatre and sound
  11. New Theatre Quarterly (Cambridge University Press e-ajakirjadprovides a vital international forum where theatrical scholarship and practice can meet and where prevailing dramatic assumptions can be subjected to vigorous critical questioning
  12. Studies in Theatre and Performance (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes work that explores theatre and performance practice across histories, cultures and disciplinary boundaries
  13. Theatre Research International (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes articles on theatre practices in their social, cultural, and historical contexts, their relationship to other media of representation
  14. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training ( TDPT) (Taylor & Francis onlinepeer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for practitioners, academics, creative artists and pedagogues to articulate research into performance training in all its diversity
  15. Text and Performance Quarterly (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes original scholarship that explores and advances the study of performance as a communicative, critical, social practice.
  16. Nordic Theatre Studies. OA
  17. Methis. OA Otsi teatriteaduse erinumbreid
  18. Sightline. OA Journal of theatre technology and design
  19. Theatre Design and Technology. OA



  1. The Echo. OA (sound design)
  2. Acoustics. OA  peer-reviewed, open access journal on acoustics science and engineering
  3. Artes. Journal of Musicology. OA
  4. EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing (SpringerLink e-ajakirjad)
  5. The Journal of Music History Pedagogy. OA publishes original research on any aspect of the teaching and learning of music history at both the undergraduate and graduate level, for all audiences (majors, non-majors, and the public), and all genres of music
  6. International Journal of Music Education (Sage Journals Online)
  7. Journal of Music Teacher Education (Sage Journals Online)
  8. Journal of Music, Technology & Education (Academic search complete)
  9. Journal of Research in Music Education (Sage Journals Online)
  10. Music Education Research (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research on all areas of music education, including research issues from the viewpoint of philosophy, sociology, psychology and comparative studies
  11. Nordic Research in Music Education. OA international peer-reviewed open access journal established by the Nordic Network of Music Education Research
  12. Update: Applications of Research in Music Education (Sage Journals Online) peer-reviewed online-only journal, brings research in music teaching and learning close to everyday practice to help teachers apply research in their music classrooms and rehearsal halls
  13. Jazz Perspectives (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research on the rich legacy of jazz and its many musical and cultural tangents, both past and present
  14. Journal of Jazz Studies. OA
  15. Ethnomusicology Forum (Taylor & Francis online
  16. New Sound: International Magazine for Music. OA peer reviewed academic periodical. It promotes musical creativity and theoretical concepts about music – musicological, ethnomusicological, analytical, phylosofical, aesthetical, etc
  17. Studio e-Magazin. OA für professionelle Audiotechnik und berichtet als einzige Publikation im deutschsprachigen Raum monatlich ausschließlich für die professionelle Audiobranche
  18. Journal on the Art of Record Production (JARP) OA peer reviewed journal promoting the interdisciplinary study of record and music production
  19. Popular Music and Society (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on popular music of any genre, time period or geographic location and focuses on music as a manifestation of popular culture
  20. Contemporary Music Review (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on aspects of contemporary music, such as techniques of performance and composition, aesthetics and relationships with other disciplines
  1. Archaeological Textiles Review.OA
  2. Craft Research (TÜ võrgus)
  3. The Journal of Modern Craft (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on craft in all its historical and contemporary manifestations, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day
  4. Archaeologia Baltica. OA publishes all fields of European archaeology, with a special focus on the archaeology of the region around the Baltic Sea, and advance scientific methods and techniques in archaeology
  5. Journal of Dress History. OA academic publication of The Association of Dress Historians (ADH) through which scholars can articulate original research in a constructive, interdisciplinary, and peer reviewed environment
  6. Fasciculi Archaeologiae Historicae. OA historical archaeology in Europe: from antiquity to modern times. Preference is given to issues connected with the history of material culture, arms and armour, architecture, and the history of textiles
  7. Arheoloogilised Välitööd Eestis. OA
  8. Textile History (Taylor & Francis onlinepeer-reviewed, internationally recognized leading publication for the history of textiles, dress, clothing and apparel.
  9. TEXTILE. Cloth and Culture (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research in textiles, cloth, and raw materials with their social, personal and cultural meanings in material history and visual culture worldwide
  10. Vernacular Architecture (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishing articles on all aspects of vernacular buildings, including the history, material culture, archaeology and architecture.
  11. International Journal of Architectural Heritage (Taylor & Francis onlineprovides a multidisciplinary scientific overview of existing resources and modern technologies useful for the study and repair of historical buildings and other structures
  12. International Journal of Intangible Heritage OA 
  13. Heritage. OA  international, peer-reviewed, open access journal of cultural and natural heritage science
  14. Journal of Cultural Heritage (Science direct)
  15. International Journal of Heritage Studies (IJHS) (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishing interdisciplinary heritage research, covering museums, tourism, cultural studies, anthropology and memory studies
  16. Arms & Armour (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes on the use, development, decoration and display of arms and armour through ancient, medieval, military and modern history
  17. Dress, the journal of the Costume Society of America (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research that examines the significance of dress in art, social history, anthropology, and material culture
  18. Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes advances on textile design and practice, as well as technologies, methods and education of textile design
  19. Journal of Jewellery Research. OA peer-reviewed online and open-access publication that focuses on the design, theory and praxis of jewellery studies
  20. Santa Fe Symposium Papaers Archiv. OA library of jewelry-making and manufacturing knowledge
  21. Ethnoarchaeology. Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Experimental Studies (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes original research in ethnoarchaeology and experimental archaeology
  22. European Journal of Archaeology (Taylor & Francis online)
  23. Fashion Theory (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes research on fashion as the cultural construction of the embodied identity and on the cultural significance of self-fashioning
  24. EXARC.net Reconstruction of wooden buildings. 
  25. EXARC.net Textiles
  1. Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy. OA journal publishes research about environmental challenges and sustainability transformations of societal systems.(Taylor & Francis online)
  2. Sustainability an international, cross-disciplinary, scholarly, peer-reviewed and open access journal of environmental, cultural, economic, and social sustainability of human beings
  3. Waste Management & ResearchThe Journal for a Sustainable Circular Economy (WM&R) publishes peer-reviewed articles relating to both the theory and practice of waste management and research(SAGE journals online)
  4. Journal of Cleaner Production is an international, transdisciplinary journal focusing on Cleaner Production, Environmental, and Sustainability research and practice (Science Direct)
  5. Circular Economy and Sustainability journal aims to bring a new approach of the key concepts of circular economy and sustainability, by combining the scientific disciplines of economy, management, engineering, technology, environment, and society (SpringerLink e-ajakirjad)
  6. Resources, Conservation & Recycling (ScienceDirect e-journals)
  7. The International Journal of the Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design. Open Access 
  8. Low-tech MagazineLow-tech Magazine underscores the potential of past and often forgotten technologies and how they can inform sustainable energy practices
  1. ENCATC Magazine OA, cultural management
  2. ENCATC Scholar. OA
  3. ConjunctionsTransdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation. OA 
  4. International Journal of Music Business Research. OA
  5. International Journal of Arts Management (Ebsco business source completeprovides a forum for challenging and debating coherent theories and models, as well as their application in cultural and arts practice.
  6. The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research that addresses ongoing issues in arts policy, management, law and governance from a range of philosophical and national perspectives.
  7. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business (Emerald Insight)
  8. The Journal of Modern Project Management. OA 
  9. Journal of Tourism, Heritage & Services Marketing (JTHSM) OA international, open-access, multi-disciplinary, refereed (double blind peer-review) journal, aiming to promote and enhance research in tourism, heritage and services marketing
  10. Visitor Studies (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on the visitor experience in museums, zoos, nature centers, visitor centers, historic sites, parks, and tourist attractions
  11. The Journal of Convention and Event Tourism (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research offering global perspectives on the dynamic meetings and events industry, including business, sports, and cultural events that draw tourists
  12. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on total quality management, including quality culture, quality strategy, and quality systems, and its tools and techniques
  13. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes research on entrepreneurship and innovation by small businesses and entrepreneurs, their local context, and their impact on economic development
  14. Creative Industries Journal (Taylor & Francis online
  1. International Journal of Community Well-being (SpringerLink e-ajakirjad)
  2. The International Journal of Early Childhood (SpringerLink e-ajakirjad)
  3. Early Child Development and Care  (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes works on research, planning, education and care of infants and young children, including multidisciplinary works on early child development and care
  4. Education 3-13. International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes international research on primary education, including early years teaching and practices and the transfer to secondary education
  5. Early Education and Development (Taylor & Francis onlinepublishes empirical research on the links between early childhood education and children's development from birth to age 8
  6. Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance  (Taylor & Francis onlineprovides an international forum for innovative research into drama and theatre conducted in community, education, developmental and therapeutic contexts
  7. Youth Theatre Journal (Taylor & Francis onlinepublish the work of authors who create distinctive ways of advancing theory, inquiry, documentation, discussion, critique, and advocacy of theatre or drama created by, for, or with young people in a wide range of contexts
  8. YOUTH. OA international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on education, sociology, economics, cultural studies and other social perspectives of youth and young adulthood
  9. Adolescents. OA  peer-reviewed, open access journal on adolescent development and health sciences
  10. Community Development Journal (Oxford Academicadopts a broad definition of community development to include policy, planning and action as they impact on the life of communities
  11. CONCEPT. OA offers a lively independent forum for critical debate and exchange of ideas in contemporary Community Education
  12. Journal of Youth Studies (Taylor & Francis onlineinternational scholarly journal devoted to the theoretical and empirical understanding of young people’s experiences and life contexts
  13. Children and Youth Services Review (Science Directmultidisciplinary journal that focuses on disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable children, young people, families and the systems designed to support them
  14. Children & Society (Wiley online library e-ajakirjadhigh quality research and debate on all aspects of childhood and policies and services for children and young people
  15. Journal of Adventure Education & Outdoor Learning (Taylor & Francis onlineThe main purpose of the journal is to provide a central point and place of reference for the publication and dissemination of research and scholarship on adventure and the outdoors as media for learning, as well as recreation
  16. Middle School Journal (Taylor & Francis onlinejournal offers articles that promote quality middle level education and contribute to an understanding of the educational and developmental needs of youth between the ages of 10 and 15
  17. Educational Research and Evaluation (Taylor & Francis onlinePublishes international research on every aspect of education at any educational level and in all sectors and fields of education
  18. Journal of Youth Development. OA The Journal of Youth Development fills a unique and critical niche in the youth development arena: it is a place designed for bridging applied research and practice. In other words, it addresses issues and features studies  and practice efforts that have implications for those working with and on behalf of young people in youth-serving organizations and the intermediaries that support them
  19. New Directions for Student Leadership. Wiley Online Library Special issue: Professional development for youth workers
  20. Children and Youth Services Review. Science Direct international, multidisciplinary journal that focuses on disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable children, young people, families and the systems designed to support them



  1. Review of Artistic Education OA 
  2. The International Journal of Technology and Design Education. (SpringerLink e-ajakirjad)
  3. form academic. OA research journal of design and design education
  4. European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education. OA 
  5. Techne Series. OA Research in Sloyd Education and Craft Science
  6. International Journal of Education and the Arts. OA 
  7. Journal for Learning through the Arts. OA peer-reviewed journal focused on disseminating current theory, research, practice, and thinking on arts integration in schools and communities
  8. International Journal of Education Through Art (Ingenta Connect), osaline juurdepääs, promotes relationships between art and education
  9. Visual Arts Research (JSTORprovides a forum for historical, critical, cultural, psychological, educational and conceptual research in visual arts and aesthetic education
  10. Teaching Artist Journal (Taylor & Francis onlineTeaching Artist Journal is devoted to the practice and thought of teaching artists and all those working at the intersections of arts and learning.
  11. Design / Arts Education Policy Review(Taylor & Francis onlineaddressing education in music, visual arts, theatre, and dance, the journal presents a variety of views and emphasizes critical analysis


  1. Creativity. Theories – Research - Applications.  OA
  2. Social Communication. OA Communication and Media, New Media, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Public Relations, Visual and Marketing Communication
  3. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (JCE) (SAGE Journalsinternational and interdisciplinary forum for research using ethnographic methods to examine human behavior in natural settings